"A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it." Albert Einstein

Services we offer to our customers

We see ourselves as providers of consulting and services for the complete value chain in electronics with strong focus on wireless technologies.

Our Competences in Development Areas

Embedded computer systems are commonly found in consumer products, industrial or military devices, automotive control systems, or in medical electronics.

Our design and consulting activities cover a wide range of such applications, as you can see in our references. We have been involved in projects for Aerospace (Air Traffic Control), Medical, Banking industry, Military, Measurement instruments and Entertainment industry using the most different platforms.

Each of these areas has different regulatory standards, safety requirements, and customer expectations about quality, manufacturing costs, and time constrains. Therefore, we have in our team not only designers, but also specialists for project and quality management, technical documentation (manuals, application notes), procurement (components, services), and manufacturing (PCBs, mechanics).


Our Competences in Design Activities

We believe we can support you in any stage of your design activities.

If it is a software coding, design of a hardware circuit, review of an FPGA time domains synchronization or PCB layout, you can expect more from us than a simple design work. We are able to follow the complete life cycle of your product. We can help you to avoid design mistakes in an early stage of the design. Using the requirements analysis and functional specification we can support you in choosing the right tools, components and technologies in order to minimize costs in the integration stage or later stages of the product life cycle. Using the UML description we can help you to prevent misunderstandings between your clients and implementation teams.

We can also support you in the decision between "Make" (custom solution) and "Buy" (off-the shelf-solution) approaches. Both approaches have their pros and cons, as we were convinced by their consequences in our past projects.

Every day, a core team of 18 designers with deep experience in fields of hardware, software, DSP, FPGA, and test & measurement design works in groups of various sizes on our customers' projects.

Some projects need just one experienced designer to accompany the customer's team.

Other projects require a lot of engineering skills including the local project coordination, purchasing and services of other local suppliers (e.g. PCB production and assembly). Based on agreement with our customers, not only our core team of engineers, but also other local companies, universities, or freelancers can be involved. This allows us to provide our customers with integrated all-in-one solutions.

Below, you can find more about our design activities ...

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