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Our SW design team operates in a wide range of SW design areas. The main focus is on embedded programming using Object Oriented Approach and UML. We have delivered many complex SW solutions (requirements analysis, platform definition, architecture design, implementation, integration, testing and documentation). On request, we support our customers also with partial activities, e.g. SW-debugging.

Nowadays, the embedded SW design covers a wide range of platforms, from the simplest (PIC, ATTiny, TI MSP430), via more complex (ATXmega, C16x, NIOS II) to the most complex platforms (ARM + Linux/Win/Android, NIOS II + Linux). We have enough experience with all of them and we are able to define a platform that perfectly fits to your project.

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We understand specialities of the embedded SW development such as:

  • limited uC performance, size of RAM, program size, or data storage capacity
  • optimized power consumption, sleep modes, and brown-out detection necessary for battery supplied devices
  • careful performance analysis for real-time applications
  • error logging in real operation, remote error log evaluation, etc.

We are facing them every day!

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We know how to use the UML diagrams to optimally visualize customer's ideas and requirements. Let us draw together a basic system overview and create DeploymentDiagram, collect all general features of the product and roles of user/peer-device and show them in UseCaseDiagram, or capture a typical procedure into SequenceDiagram. Finally, we will present you our vision of SW architecture in ComponentDiagram or ObjectModelDiagram. Nothing will be lost in translation between a product specialist and a programmer.

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Embedded SW projects very often require special/support/custom tools running on a PC – typically Win7 platform. Such support programs should be developed in parallel with the main application itself. Or do you see another way how to test and verify your brand-new proprietary protocol? Similar tools are used by our HW design team to communicate with a PCB board during the bring-to-alive development phase. Depending on project requirements we typically use Python (flexible scripting), LabVIEW (fast GUI implementation), or Delphi (high performance) as the programming tools.

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We are ready to satisfy your project requirements following your design processes and the methodology you use. However, we can recommend you our own methods, too. We have experience with conservative approaches (V-Model), modern ones (ROPES-spiral), or agile ones (Feature-Driven-Development, SCRUM).

We are not only coders; we are ready to support you during the whole software lifecycle. We are able to assist you with analyses of requirements and specifications, feasibility study, costs estimation, protocol definition, architecture design, implementation, documentation, test specification, integration, and testing as well.

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