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Trust, but Verify. Verify, but also Validate.

Every design needs verification and validation. According to our experience, the time and costs spent on testing, debugging and reviewing roughly corresponds to the time and costs spent on the product design itself. By verification we check that our products meet a set of initial design specifications while the design validation is the standard part of our customers' acceptance and system tests.

Our experience covers definition of test strategies for all levels of verification and validation, starting from tests of design samples through board level tests up to functional tests and complex test systems. Furthermore, we can define stress tests, robustness tests and provide product testing according to external requirements.

Production testing is a part of our tasks. Our LabVIEW experts have designed several production testers which are able to control high-end complex measurement devices, do automatic or semi-automatic tests, interact with an operator, and also generate detailed reports.

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Based on our design and testing experience we can support our customers in the following fields:

Test strategies

Are you not sure if your product fulfills all ETSI requirements? Not sure how to measure EMC, MAC parameters? Would you like to measure VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) below 1.1? Not sure how to calculate measurement uncertainties, UGBs, and measurement errors?

-> We can help you with definitions or reviews of test strategies, methods or definitions of suitable measurement instruments.

Manual measurements

Is your development team too busy with core design tasks, so that you do not have time to handle your necessary manual test routines, measure all the specified points, and improve test coverage of your product? Are you under pressure to re-measure your prototype with the latest software release?

-> We can support you with our experience in all such activities, and additionaly, in measurement and creation of test reports.

Automated test systems

Would you like to lower costs of regress tests? Would you like to automate the tests done manually in design phase and to move them to the production line in the factory? Would you like to relieve your team from writing the test reports?

-> We know these topics. We have always tried to automate as many tasks as possible. Let us find together what we can do for you.

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We have experience based on design of dozens of testers from simple test adapters to complex verification systems for the production.

On the basis of input requirements we can determine which parts should be designed in-house and which parts should be purchased as the standard components to meet the expected costs and time to market (TTM) requirements.

Here is the brief summary of our test team history:

  • Needle arrays (for contacting the power supplies, digital and RF signals on the printed circuit board)
  • National Instruments Measurement cards, USB and GPIB controlled measurement instruments
  • Custom-made mechanics and switching units
  • Calibration procedures and uncertainty calculations for precise measurements
  • Definition of special measurement and verification methods for speeding-up measurement and cost reduction
  • Measurement software based on LabVIEW ™ or LabWindows™/CVI
  • Implementation of scripts based SW platform for easy maintenance and measurement adjustment without code modifications
  • Customized test reports and connection to company internal quality management server
  • Test report analysis tools to identify critical paths and potential yield improvements
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Testing Areas

  • Software Testing
  • Hardware Testing
  • HW/SW Integration
  • HW Test Automation (adapters, systems, RF, digital, needle arrays, functional and board level tests)

Testing Activities

  • Test Description (test cases, procedures, definitions)
  • Test Setup Definition
  • Test Cases Implementation/Automation
  • Test Execution/Evaluation
  • Test Results Report and Bug Reports
  • Reviews and Analysis
  • Testing Levels
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
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Technical Standards and Interfaces

  • VoIP
  • ED136
  • ED137_1
  • Tetra
  • Tetra2 TEDS
  • APCO
  • DVB-T
  • GSM
  • LTE
  • VDL2 (EN 301841-1/-2)
  • ACARS (ARINC 618)
  • Bluetooth
  • E1/T1
  • EMC (EN 300113, EN301489-1/-22, EN 55022)
  • Low Voltage Directive (EN 60950)
  • AS/NZS 4583
  • STANAG 4205
  • EN 300676, EN302617
  • DO178, ED109
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